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Thomas Loy Bumgarner
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Thanks to VDC)La Via Del Christo), TEC(Teenagers Encounter Christ), Promise Keepers, Women of Faith, etc. have influenced ELCA and LCMS with music by Handt Hanson, Marty Haugen, John Ylvisaker, Hillsongs, Casting Crowns, Don Moen, Paul and Rita Balooche, Chris Tomlin, Michael William and Martin Smith(s), Brian Donarksen, just to name a few. What is your opinion on this phenomenon? Has CCM past its prime and is the church returning to more European Classic style of music(chant, chorales, traditional hymnody)? Or is 3rd world global hymnody the "hew" in thing for worship?

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I have to say- every single Lutheran Church that I visit is completely different. I really believe that it just kind of depends on where people's passions lie. ALL Christian music- early, traditional, contemporary and global is so meaningful, and whether or not people want or choose to believe it, it all says the same thing...just sounds different. I wish people would stop putting up walls because of the way the music sounds and focus on what it means- what the words say, and how the music makes them feel. My heart sings just the same from hearing something classical, a hymn or a praise chorus- each leaves me feeling deeply connected to the Father and ready to apply the scripture the piece was written from to my day to day life.

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